About This Project

Breaking ground Spring 2019.

Repose is defined as the harmonious arrangement of colors and forms, providing a restful visual effect.  The project site is located in the subdued Janmar Neighborhood of Dallas, Texas.  The quiet enclave is densely populated with 50-foot tall tree canopies, and the intimate, gravel-lined streets exude much more of a rural feel than the typical urban Dallas neighborhood.

The topography slopes 20 feet from the street level down to Buffalo Creek, along the rear of the half-acre property.  When exploring the Parti for this project, we focused on the concept of the Angle of Repose, which is the the steepest angle at which a sloping surface formed of a particular loose material is stable.  This angular expression is evident in both plan and elevation, and it is a prominent design theme throughout.

Repose House is a 3-level, single-family residence that has a direct connection with the site orientation and topography of the land.  The exterior facade is comprised of site-cast concrete walls, Brazilian Garapa siding, and fiber cement panel.  A minimalist fenestration system juxtaposes the robust and weighty cladding, creating a balanced rhythmic arrangement of both open and private expression.

Project Metrics

  • Two Story Single Family Residence
  • 4,950 SF
  • 4 Bedrooms, 6.5 Bathrooms
  • 3 Car Garage
  • 550 SF Outdoor Cabana
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