April 18, 2016 admin

MC13 House

Ok, so we started this little naming convention to our Shipping Container projects.  It started with, of course, PV14 House.  The letters do mean something…and the numbers do as well.  The latter is more obvious, while the former is a bit more cryptic.  After all, we all want to stay a little mysterious, don’t we??

The newest addition to the “Current Projects” lineup is MC13 House.  This lovely 3,500 SF residence will break ground in Summer 2016 on a gorgeous 300 acre site overlooking the rolling hills of Central Texas.  As you may have guessed, the house will be constructed using 13 “high cube” shipping containers of 20, 40, and 45 foot varieties.  We are having tons of fun designing this mid-century-modern-inspired container house for some great clients.

More to come!