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Taula House Model

A few months ago our summer intern, Marco Martinez, was tasked with the job of producing a model for our largest project to date – Taula House.   He did a stellar job.  Here it is: dscf2771-21







MC13 House

Ok, so we started this little naming convention to our Shipping Container projects.  It started with, of course, PV14 House.  The letters do mean something…and the numbers do as well.  The latter is more obvious, while the former is a bit more cryptic.  After all, we all want to stay a little mysterious, don’t we??

The newest addition to the “Current Projects” lineup is MC13 House.  This lovely 3,500 SF residence will break ground in Summer 2016 on a gorgeous 300 acre site overlooking the rolling hills of Central Texas.  As you may have guessed, the house will be constructed using 13 “high cube” shipping containers of 20, 40, and 45 foot varieties.  We are having tons of fun designing this mid-century-modern-inspired container house for some great clients.

More to come!

Welcome a New Team Member

Things have been so crazy around here that we haven’t had time to properly introduce our newest team member. Welcome Kevan Russell to the family. You can find out more about him HERE.


DE12 Concept | M Gooden Design

Recently, we were commissioned to design a concept for a small commercial project located just a few short blocks away from our office in historic Deep Ellum (a neighborhood directly East of Downtown Dallas). The preliminary proposal incorporates two existing single story brick buildings joined by a new 3-story industrial-modern structure built from 12 shipping containers. Hopefully, we can share more development soon! For now we will call it “DE12″…some of you will understand why. Enjoy.

DE12 - 1

DE12 - 2

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Friends! We are hoping that this year is your best yet.


M Gooden Design | Featured in FD House

Michael is featured in the Dec/Jan/Feb issue of FD House in an article entitled “6 for 2016”!  A huge thank you to Christopher Wynne & Connie Dufner for their work and for the privilege of being included in this piece.  The great photography is by Carter Rose.

You can pick up a free copy of FD House at tons of locations around the Metroplex or read it in the Online Version.

MGD_FD House

Creating New Places in New Spaces

A little over a month ago, I decided to push all my chips into the middle of the table.  I put in my resignation at a highly recognized commercial firm that I have loved for the last 9 years.
M Gooden Design had been a “side project” since 2012, which meant that my work day never ended at 5…it was just the beginning of the second shift.  While I was greatly enjoying my new residential projects, it was taking quite the toll on myself and my family.

After gaining many new clients/projects and weighing my priorities, I made the tough/exciting/scary decision to put all of my creative energy into M Gooden Design.  I am forever grateful to my Corgan family, and I am very thankful for my clients who have decided to join me on the journey.  You can follow that journey here and on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…whatever you fancy.

As Lebron would say, (for now) I’m taking my talents to Deep Ellum.
Here is the new space: